VELOTECA  team speaks fluently english, german and french. You can get here free labor for cycling globetrotters, as a sign of respect for those who dedicate a part of their life for using and promoting bicycle. VELOTECA is a proud sponsor of the “BateSaua” (“Kick the Saddle”) bicycle association – the most active organisation in Romania since 2004. We respect Slow Food movement. But we move fast!

At Veloteca you can find a nice terrace, a big courtyard for exhibition and service, for testing and checking.

Veloteca’s main selling strategy is “Test, Check and Get Advice”. We are now the official Merida Test Center, with a couple of Merida ‘fully’ top models and a spectacular road carbon version. Besides, you can try here other selected bicycles from Dahon (JetStream), Brompton (M3 with Brooks saddle), Electra and Corratec (hardtail and ‘fully’).

We feature all the bicycle categories (road, mountain, kids, women, folding, trekking, cross, BMX, dirt, freestyle, single speed, city bikes, fixies), for all the mountain freaks, ladies, gents, ‘posh’ people and old-style ‘mods’.

Sometimes, we throw parties. In general, we ride arround Bucharest and all over the country. Check our blog for announcements and try to adapt your lifestyle and trips.

We also sell accessories, like children chairs, cruisers, trainers, bags, racks, hooks, bike racks and bike mounts for cars.

You can find here spare parts. Plus professional service!

At VELOTECA we have now equipments for everybody: helmets, cycling gloves, raincoats, reflective gear, SPD shoes, SPD pedals, windstoppers, polartec jackets, caps, jerseys, body shirts, backpacks, pumps.

We sell, and it is not a joke, handpainted ear-rings, magnets and other bohemian jewlery, featuring nice bicycles, plus a couple of brooches and pendants resulted form recycled materials like old chains, old tubes etc.




We started in 2008 as an online store, the first in Romania dedicated to folding bicycles and first to offer the brand of Brompton folding bicycles manufactured in England. In a market devoted exclusively to MTB sites, we have started to introduce to our clients all types of bicycles, useful in different situations and for all ways of travel. Firmly convinced that cycling should be used daily in urban areas first, then becoming the subject of a trip, vacation or competition, we have greatly expanded the market for folding bikes. We based this effort on an unpleasant reality: in Romania there were no bike racks and parking, for which normal bikes could be left not too safe. The folding has the great advantage that it can be taken inside the buildings, the metro, the car or the shop. 
That is also why we started in the first year to market bike racks. Initially we only brought imported from Germany and Italy. Now we are producing a lot of models locally.
In 2009 we opened our first physical store, offering customers both city bikes, folding and children as well as MTB's. This year we managed to organize the departments: retail and corporate sales, technical, marketing. The year 2009 was the year we started to attach great significance to our brand identity and communication, being willing to market ourselves as a real team: modern, complex and able to communicate fluently with clients. Communication with the ones who cross our store threshold is very important because we wanted to offer objective advice and recommendations for choosing bikes or accessories. This year we started to pay advices to large institutions and corporations to encourage employees and their customers to use the bike. Petrom, Raiffeisen Bank, Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Culture are one of our special clients. Year 2009 was dedicated to city-bikes, to bicycle elegance. 
After a consistent investment of the shareholders, in 2010 we moved the bike shop to the current address (Iancului 100, sect. 2, Bucharest) offering customers a wide range of products, exhibited in a large space of over 300 sqm. Veloteca becomes the largest multi-brand bike shop in Bucharest. We very actively promoted new types of bicycles, such as trekking and cross. We have expanded our range of folding bikes, Dahon and Brompton besides introducing two new brands: Giant and Oyama. For the first time in Romania, Veloteca has launched single-speed / fixed gear bicycles, which have already begun to conquer the fiercely loyal fans. 

Year 2011 is the year of consolidation. Currently, besides the exposure and sales space at ground floor and in the backyard, we arranged a new space upstairs where we sell equipment and accessories: shoes, clothes, socks, goggles, gloves, masks, helmets. And even supplements. Year 2011 is the year we began seriously promoting road bikes, pro racers. We are also proudly announce the 29-er models, with large wheels 29 "diameter. From Corratgec and Merida. Year 2011 is when we officially became Merida Test Center, offering top bike ride-tests. Besides Merida, at Veloteca you can test Brompton, Corratec, Dahon and Electra. 

... to be continued.

With a total of about 15 brands of bicycles and accessories and yet still so much equipment, we can provide a multitude of suitable and preferred products for the Veloteca clients.

The maintenance and service center is operating daily starting at noon, but we recommend seriously to consider programming in advance. 

The backyard terrace and showroom allows us to organize regular meetings, exhibitions, parties and other forms of social life, because we do not want to live only on the Internet ... 

You're welcome!